YTL Communications Yes 4G


The lowest rates for everthing
Enjoy the lowest rates without having to commit to expensive monthly plans and long-term contracts. Yes, we give you the lowest rates for data, calls, and SMS without conditions.

Seamless usage

With Yes, there are no separate plans for data, calls and SMS. At Yes, you get everything in one flexible plan. So you have total freedom to choose how you want to use your credit. Yes, you have the power to decide how – and how much you want to spend.

No more wastage

When you say yes, you stop wasting money. That's because we've said no to multiple plans and high monthly commitments. Just pay as you use in one simple plan.

Credit that don't expire

Other mobile companies make you forfeit your unused credit and force you to reload every 7, 10 or 30 days. At Yes, your credits never expire, so you only reload when you need to – when you're out of credit.

Yes 4G

楊忠禮通訊 下月中推出4G服務





为了抗买Nokia C5心魔而预支即将到手的股息买了丁点YTLP


Sunway City 股息到手


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