Bursa Malaysia e-Statement Password

歪歪收到Bursa Malaysia第一份e-statement。

要阅读Bursa Malaysia e-statement, 在点击pdf files时,该文件有密码保护,必须填写密码才可以开到文件。


Bursa Malaysia邮件讯息;

Date : 07/02/2014
Subject Matter : CDS Statement/Notices
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for providing your email address for the purposes of eStatement.

Your notice/CDS statement of account/other communication from Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd (Bursa Depository) is ready for viewing in the attached PDF file.

Since you have provided your email address for eStatement, you will stop receiving hardcopy notices/CDS statements/other communication for all your CDS accounts. Kindly ensure you have sufficient space in your mailbox to continue to receive your notices/CDS statements/other communication through eStatement.

For security purposes, the attached PDF file is password protected. To access this file, key-in the Default Password in capital letters, which comprises the first two characters of your name as reflected in our Central Depository System (CDS) based on your Application for Opening of Account form and the last six digits/alphanumeric of your NRIC/passport number.

For Example:

Name of account holder in CDS: Chan Mei Ling
NRIC number: 730303-10-5368
Ms Chan’s Default Password is CH105368

如果你的CDS注册名字是WONG AH FA, IC 730303-10-5368 ,该输入密码就是WO105368

如果你的CDS注册名字是TAN AH FA, IC 730303-10-5368 , 该输入密码就是TA105368.





你register Bursa Malaysia eCDS statement了吗?




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