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Notice of Shares Buy Back - Immediate Announcement

Date of Buy Back : 11/09/2014
Description of Shares Purchased : Ordinary shares of RM1.00 each
No. of Shares Purchased : 6,700 shares
Minimum Price Paid For Each Share Purchased : RM 3.200
Maximum Price Paid For Each Share Purchased : RM 3.200
Total Consideration Paid : RM 21,508.44
No. of Shares Purchased Retained in Treasury : 6,700 shares
No. of Shares Which Are Proposed To Be Cancelled : 0 shares
Cumulative Net Outstanding Treasury Shares As At To-Date : 224,900 shares
Adjusted Issued Capital After Cancellation : 0
Date Lodged With Registrar of Company :
Lodged By :


10092014第一次Sunway share buy back, Sunway又在昨天有了第二次share buy back。


而公司提议的share buy back是10%股份,那么,**当越少散户持有的股份,股价波动就越少。


Sunway Pyramid Phase 3 是四星级酒店,租金属于Sunway。

现有的Sunway Medical Centre还在扩展,会增加新10层高楼。

歪歪相信Sunway Medical Centre的医疗服务会更广,也会更好。

未来还会增加两所Sunway Medical Centre在Cheras, Sunway Velocity和Penang.

Sunway 持有SunREIT股份,当Sunway Putra Mall开张带来租金收入,Sunway也能受惠。

The Pinnacle出租率一直在增加中, 也代表收入会增加中。


* The public shareholding spread of the Company based on the Record of Depositors as at 15 May 2014, being the latest practicable date prior to the printing of this Circular, was approximately 37%. If the Proposed Share Buy-Back is implemented in full i.e. up to 10% of the Sunway Shares are purchased from the public entirely and all the Shares purchased are either cancelled or held as treasury shares, and assuming the shareholdings of the Directors, substantial shareholders or persons connected with the Directors and/or substantial shareholders remain the same, the public shareholding spread of the Company is expected to be approximately 30%. The Company, in implementing the Proposed Share Buy-Back, will be mindful in ensuring that the minimum public shareholding spread of 25% is met and maintained.

** (a) allows the Company to take preventive measures against speculation particularly when its Shares are undervalued which would in turn stabilise the market price of Sunway Shares and hence,
enhance investors’ confidence







Sunway Annual Report 2013

The most important development for the division in 2014, though, is the expected commencement of construction of Phase 3 of Sunway Medical Centre. The new extension entails a 10-storey building comprising 30,000 square meters of space which will house, amongst others, a new Radiotheraphy Centre  with 2 radiotheraphy bunkers and 1 brachytheraphy bunker, in addition to a Nuclear Medicine Centre with PETCT and SPECT-CT scanners. Other facilities in the extension include Oncology wards and clinics, Gastroenterology & Hepatology clinics, 1 level of outpatient clinics, 5 levels of wards, a Digestive Health Centre and a Dialysis Centre. The entire development is estimated to be completed by 2017. 

(Sunway Medical Centre Phase 3 是10层高楼,预计2017年完成)

In Klang Valley, the division looks to launch its second phase of service apartments in Sunway Velocity, dubbed V-Residences 2. The entire development will comprise two residential towers, to be launched in two separate sub-phases. The first launch of about 334 freehold units will have a GDV of approximately RM250.0 million, and is targeted to be opened to the public in the first half of 2014.


Slightly further from the City Centre, Sunway will be offering an exclusive, low density living experience at the peak of Sunway Eastwood in Puchong South. The development comprises 66 units of Park Villas in a gated and guarded community perched on an elevated enclave with a spectacular view of the development’s Central Park and its surroundings

 Sunway Eastwood in Puchong South

In Johor, Sunway Iskandar’s first launch, Citrine at The Lakeview Precinct, will comprise retail suites, offices and service apartments. In line with Sunway Iskandar’s philosophy  of Nature’s Capital City, Citrine seeks to integrate the contemporary architecture of its structure with the timeless beauty of its 7.8-acre emerald lake and lush greenery. Citrine forms part of Sunway’s 1,770-acre integrated township in Iskandar, which will be modeled after the highly successful award-winning Sunway Resort City. Surrounding catalytic attractions such as Legoland, Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios and Edu City, as well as the Singapore Second Link are in close proximity, making this development even more compelling. 

(新闻报导:Sunway Iskandar's Citrine office suites sold out

Further south, in Singapore, the division will be launching two developments. The Sunway-Hoi Hup joint venture will be launching its development on the newly acquired Mount Sophia land in the second half of 2014. The Group will also look to launch its first wholly-owned development in Singapore, Avant Parc at Sembawang, slated to be open for sale in the second half of 2014, and will feature 15 luxury landed homes.


Finally, in China, the division will likely witness the long-awaited launch of the first phase of its project in Tianjin. Barring further unforeseen circumstances, the development should debut its
first phase by the third quarter of 2014





又刚刚Google search挖到宝,找到没有看过的Sunway资料:)






Sunway GEO Residences 2

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