Yes 4G无限制预付配套 Postpaid Unlimited Plan

Yes终于推出unlimited plan:)

Yes 推出unlimited plan - 无限制上网配套,才能在抢市场上,占优势。

 Yes 4G Postpaid Unlimited Plan写明比3G快10倍。

不过,歪歪看了Yes在facebook回答的问题,该配套如其他电讯公司一样,当把quota 使用完毕,网速就会变成有限制,也就是会变慢(没有写明限制速度大概多少)。

 Yes 4g Postpaid Unlimited Plan 共有四个配套做选择

1)Super 48 - 月费RM48, 1.5GB
2)Super 68-  月费RM68, 4GB

3) Super 98 - 月费RM98, 6GB
4) Super 168 - 月费 RM168, 10 GB

Yes 4G 无限制预付配套需要签购合约,分别为12个月,以及24个月

1) 12个月可以获得免费Yes Go 4G Dongle (原价RM 99 )

2) 24个月,则可以获得免费的 Yes Huddle 4G Mobile Hotspot (原价RM399) 和 Yes Zoom 4G Gateway (原价 RM399) 

*Free Go Dongle with a commitment of 12 months on any plan.
*Free Huddle or Zoom only valid with a commitment of 24 months. Device upfront payment applies and will be rebated over 20 months.


Will I incur a penalty if I terminate my plan before my contract duration ends?
Yes, you will incur a contract early termination fee which is the total amount of your Monthly Commitment Fee for the remaining months of your unfulfilled contract period. For example, you signed up for a Postpaid Super 48 plan with a contract of 12 months and wish to terminate your account in Month 4. Your early termination fee will be RM48.00 X 8 months (unfulfilled contract period) = RM 384.00

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