Yilai Annual Report 2013


一家0债务公司,在即将举办的AGM,管理层建议要share buy back。

那么,未来会否有机会再得到special share dividend??

年报的其中之一讯息,公司生意好,全因大马房地产走热,而Iskandar Johor计划也对公司生意额带来贡献。

Financial Highlights

For the current financial year ended 31 December 2013, the Group registered a record turnover of RM158.1 million. This represents a 20.3% rise in revenues over the previous financial year and is also the best ever turnover achieved in the Group’s history as a result of the robust property development activities in Malaysia, in particular the Iskandar Region in Johor.

The Group’s net profit after tax of RM12.6 million for the year ended 31 December 2013 was also an improvement of 17.8% from RM10.7 million recorded in the previous financial year.

The Prospect for 2014

The Malaysian business operating environment is becoming increasingly challenging with additional pressure from the “economic rationalisation”. The ceramic tile industry would not be spared from this phenomenon, and this is adding to the already competitive landscape with intense competition
amongst the local tile manufacturers and from imported tiles.

We are gearing up ourselves to meet the challenges of this changing operating environment. We have added new lines of the state-of-the-art tile manufacturing which are capable of producing high resolution tile prints that are highly sought after by the increasingly discerning and sophisticated consumers.

Further, we have strengthened our research and development team and will be launching new value-added concepts in the coming year. Our continued and sustained focus on improving
operating efficiencies has stood us well and we will continue to enhance our operating efficiencies.

In addition to the production innovations, our sales and marketing team will continue to enhance its dedicated service and partnership with prominent property developers as well as reaching to the mass consumers via our distributors. We achieved our highest ever recorded revenue in the current
financial year and we aim to maintain the momentum in the following years. We will continue to expand our business This is visible as the development activities in Iskandar Region in particular, as well as other Economic Regions in Malaysia.

The Group will also continue with the market development plans for the overseas markets despite the global economic uncertainties.

歪歪股票组合- Yilai

5000股Yilai在获得150股special share dividend后,现共有5150股,平均价RM0.876。


也没有打算套利卖出,而是继续把Yilai留在组合,等收股息,等未来再有机会获得special share dividend, 变相让股票生鸡蛋,养出更多小鸡:)


IGBreit 2nd AGM




31122013 - 准备迎接高通膨的2014

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