During the financial year ended 30 June 2013, Sunway REIT completed AEIs worth RM38.4 million which comprised chillers retrofit at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, refurbishment of Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya and the expansion of Menara Sunway.

The chillers retrofit at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall involved the replacement of 8 units of chillers with higher energy efficient equipments to reduce energy consumption. The project which
cost approximately RM16.9 million after accounting for incentive from Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) was completed in 3Q 2013. Since completion, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall recorded average monthly energy savings of about RM0.3 million or annualised savings of RM4 million. (长远就是节省更多的未来开销)

Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya completed a comprehensive refurbishment exercise in 4Q 2013 to re-define it with a contemporary and vibrant concept to meet the needs and expectations of more discerning business travellers. The refurbishment which cost approximately RM17.4 million successfully enabled the hotel to yield up its business. The average daily rate of the hotel increased 13% upon completion of the refurbishment.

Menara Sunway completed an expansion project in 2Q 2013 which increased its NLA by 14,193 sq.ft. at an estimated cost of RM4.1 million. The additional space has been fully taken up immediately upon completion.

RM532.1 million
(equivalent to a big ticket acquisition)

Sunway REIT’s AEI plans for the next 2-3 years amount to approximately RM532.1 million substantially on the Sunway Putra Place 3-in-1 mixed-use development. Besides improvement to the architectural aspect of the 3 properties within Sunway Putra Place, the refurbishment includes an extensive replacement of the mechanical and electrical services such as chillers, lifts, building automation system etc. The Manager plans to reposition the entire property post comprehensive refurbishment and to fully capitalise on the synergy between the properties. The Manager is confident of at least doubling its NPI contribution post refurbishment from RM25.9 million achieved in FY2013.

Sunway Putra Mall Refurbishment

The refurbishment commenced on 1 May 2013 and will take approximately 22 months with target completion in early 2015.

The project with an estimated cost of RM307 million involves the creation of additional GFA of approximately 118,000 sq.ft. with estimated lettable space of approximately 82,000 sq.ft. and extensive replacements of mechanical and electrical plants.

The project aims to create a new identity for the mall and revive it as an exciting shopping and entertainment destination. Retail layout plan, connectivity, traffic circulation and carpark facility will be improved and the shopping mall will be repositioned as a lifestyle urban-chic mall that caters to the mid and mid-upper clientele with merchandise mix from the low bridge to the fashion edge spectrum.

Sunway Putra Tower Refurbishment

The refurbishment of the office tower covers the upgrading and modernization of lobby, lift lobbies and washrooms and replacement of mechanical and electrical plants. The project will be completed by calendar year 2015 and is estimated to cost RM29 million.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall – Oasis Boulevard Phase 5 (OB5)

The OB5 project will result in creation of additional lettable space of approximately 20,362 sq.ft. In addition, an existing space of 23,432 sq. ft. will be reconfigured to cater to the requirements of the tenants. The project will cost approximately RM40.1 million and is expected to be completed by end of 2013. This project will further enhance the tenant mix of the shopping mall.

Sunway Pyramid Oasis Boulevard Phase 5 (OB5) 会在年尾增加空间,这也代表2014年开始拥有更大的出租空间,带来更多的租金收入。


source from Sunreit annual report 2013


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