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从面子书看到Tesco也开始了eShop, 可以让顾客们在网络店铺选购物品。

然后,由Tesco 相关部门为我们直接把货品送上门。

歪歪给Tesco eShop发了一个电子邮件,想问有没有charges 交通费,或是有没有set 最低购买额。

而Tesco eShop刚给歪歪的答案,如下;

We are pleased to inform you that there is no minimum order for you to enjoy the online shopping. However a service charge RM10 will apply.
In order to start purchasing, kindly go to http://www.tesco.com.my/eshop/html/Check-Service-Availability.aspx to check if the service is already available in your area. If it is, you may proceed to register for the service.
If you can't find your city/town or suburb, or you live outside of Klang Valley, kindly be informed that we do not offer our services in your area yet. Should this be the case, please sign up at http://www.tesco.com.my/html/Pre_Registration.aspx to allow us to collect your area information and we will send you an invitation to participate once we cover your area.
Should you have any further enquiries, or if we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-300-13-1313. We are open from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 11pm.

只是给RM10,有专人把货物送上来,又不用自己去找停车位,去塞车, 歪歪是觉得合理,特别是对于忙碌,没有时间去采购的工作人士。

不过,这个Tesco eShop送上门的服务,所能服务地点的范围,还是有限制。


想要知道你所住的地方,有没有在Tesco eShop送上门服务的地点内,可以在这里检查


呵~如果你住的地点,有在Tesco eShop服务范围内,而且还是住四五楼,没有lift的,就更是好消息。



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  1. halo YY, wish to read ur article with title : 女性驾车时包包该放哪里? but im not able to click in and read..i drive car to work everyday and wonder any other way to keep my bag other than put in bonnet or put under seat.. why the page cannot be link to?

    1. 应该是放错link,修改了:)